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Time has caught up with me...
To be honest...I've been doing this "Page" since 1997, but never learned true HTML....   
..   I've always enjoyed following  "Bama in the NFL - Players" long before 1997....
With the Internet I have been able to log on my Website the stats I've always looked up on Mondays..
"Bama in the NFL - Players stats from Sundays"
I've never made a dime on my site.  It has been a hobby of mine.
With that said....
You may click on a link and it says something like "404 Not Found"
If you find that page, please type .html at the end of the Web address...
such as  ..  instead of Ladyinred.net/nflplayers  ...   type in LadyinRed.net/nflplayers.html
My hosting site has changed their format where it now requires to have .html after the site address.

Bama in the NFL - Week 10 - Stats


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