Bama in the NFL

Playoffs - Super Bowl

Team lost in the Playoffs - (Wild Card)
Cornelius Griffin, Giants
Dwayne Rudd, Browns
Team lost in the Playoffs - Divisionals
Chris Mohr, Falcons
Saleem Rasheed, 49ers
Deshea Townsend, Steelers
Team lost in the Playoffs - (Wild Card)
Freddie Milons, Eagles
Not in the Playoffs
Shaun Alexander, Seahawks
Fernando Bryant, Jaguars
Tony Dixon, Cowboys
Lemanski Hall, Vikings
Patrick Hape, Broncos
Terry Jones, Jr., Ravens
Jason McAddley, Cardinals
Michael Myers, Cowboys
Reggie Myles, Bengals
Rod Rutledge, Texans
Chris Samuels, Redskins
Sam Shade, Redskins
Kenny Smith, Saints
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